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Battery Studios




Battery Studios is Sony Music Entertainment’s New York City based music production facility. Located in the former home of the legendary Record Plant Studios, Battery is part of a century long tradition of elite music production establishments.


Specializing in re-mastering, mastering, transfers and immersive audio mixing, Battery serves the diverse needs of Sony Music’s current artists and extensive catalog, as well as the music community as a whole.

Our Engineers

Mark Wilder

A career spanning almost 40 years, Mark has spent the last 33 years as a Senior Engineer at Sony Music.  At times, a “jack of all trades”, splitting his time between the studio and mastering, Mark turned his attention strictly toward mastering in the...
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Vic Anesini

Vic Anesini, Senior Mastering Engineer, is one of the premier catalogue mastering engineers in the world. Vic has been at Sony Music Entertainment for over three decades, where he has brought his talents to master and mix music legends such as Aerosmith,...
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Matt Cavaluzzo

Matt Cavaluzzo is a Senior Engineer at Battery Studios and has worked for Sony Music Entertainment since 1990. He was instrumental in establishing the company’s digital archive program, the first of its kind in the music industry, and has held the positio...
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Sean Brennan

Sean was hired at Battery Studios in 2005 and has since worked on archival, mixing, and mastering projects for David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Bruce Springsteen, Justin Timberlake and countless others. Sean’s career in the music industry began in the...
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Mike Piacentini

Mike started his mastering career working for various studios in the New York metro area, honing his craft of mastering records. In 2014, he joined the staff of Battery Studios, Sony Music’s premier in house mastering facility, located in Midtown Manhatta...
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Daniel Avila

Daniel’s interest in music started early when he began playing guitar and piano at the age of 10. While growing up in Mexico City he was involved in the rock music scene, playing and collaborating with local musicians and bands. After a year at Fermatta,...
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