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Matt Cavaluzzo


Matt Cavaluzzo is a Senior Engineer at Battery Studios and has worked for Sony Music Entertainment since 1990. He was instrumental in establishing the company’s digital archive program, the first of its kind in the music industry, and has held the position of Archival Audio Engineer since the program’s inception in 1994. Matt’s transfers for the program and subsequent use in projects has earned him five Grammy nominations:

  • Soundtrack for a Century
  • Lady Day The Complete Billie Holiday On Columbia
  • Charlie Christian: Genius Of The Electric Guitar
  • The Complete Columbia Recordings Of Woody Herman and his Orchestra
  • The Lester Young/Count Basie Sessions 1936-1940

…And one Grammy win:

  • Lady Day: The Complete Billie Holiday On Columbia

Matt is experienced in techniques for transferring and preservation of a wide range of audio media from early disc/metal master recordings on through the analog and digital tape eras to present day digital audio.  Matt’s studio encompasses a vast array of equipment including Studer 820 ¼”analog tape deck (mono, stereo, and quarter track capable), Studer 820 ½” analog tape deck,  Studer 807 ½” 3 track deck,  Studer 807 ½” 4 track deck,  Studer 827 1” 8 track deck,  Studer 827 2” 16/24 track deck,  Sound Stream digital tape system, Mitsubishi and Sony dash decks, Rockport Technologies turntable, BE broadcast turntable modified for playing metal disc masters (both positives and negatives), Sequoia DAW and Pro-Tools DAW.