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Re-mastering – Whether your recording is from 1965 or 2005, our engineers strive to preserve the integrity of the original release while sonically transforming and modernizing classic recordings.

Mastering – Stereo or surround mastering are available for CD, vinyl and high-resolution formats.

Audio Transfers / Archiving

Inheriting a variety of tape machines, Battery has the capability to revive almost all formats ever used for recording in the analog and digital domains.  Some of our rarest holdings include:

  • 32trk Mitsubishi tape machine
  • Sound Stream digital tape machine
  • 20 bit ¼” 2trk tape machine
  • RCA AME Converter
  • Custom built turntable for metal parts
  • Rockport Turntable for playback of extremely delicate acetates and LP pressings

Immersive Audio Mixing

Our engineers have worked closely with Sony’s Home Entertainment and Sound Products team in developing and creating content for our 360RA initiative.  We have mixed hundreds of catalog and frontline songs for 3D audio streaming platforms at Amazon, Tidal and Deezer.  Our team continues to work diligently as the development of this technology progresses and popularizes the market place.

File Verification

What is really on your hard drive?  Determine what files your artist, producer or engineer have delivered and let us prepare your backups for archiving and sustainable storage.