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Battery Studios Mastering Services

Battery Studios houses the technology to playback almost all existing audio formats and is capable of stereo and surround mastering, audio transferring, various types of editing and file verification.
In re-mastering, our engineers strive to preserve the integrity of the music while sonically transforming and modernizing classic recordings.

Re-mastering and Stereo and Surround Mastering

Re-mastering – whether your recording is from 1965 or 1995 our staff and studio has the capability of creating a sonically superior version of your classic recordings.

Mastering for stereo or surround recordings, live or otherwise – speak to one of our highly experienced engineers to determine the best approach to mastering your project.

Audio Transfers

Inheriting a variety of tape machines, Battery has the capability to revive almost all formats ever used for recording in both the digital and analog domains.  Some of our rarest holdings include:

  • 32 track Mitsubishi tape machine
  •  Sound Stream digital tape machine
  •  20 bit ¼” 2 trk tape machine
  •  RCA AME converter 
  •  Custom built turntable for playing metal parts  
  •  Rockport turntable - one of a handful of machines ever built that can playback extremely delicate  acetates or LP pressings.

 See our Equipment List for additional capabilities...


  Tape or digital file edits in ProTools, Sequoia & Logic

File verification

 What is really on your hard drive? Determine what files your producer or engineer has delivered and if those files are complete